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11 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Moving Company

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Before you choose a moving company, you need to grab some reliable information about them. The more you know about them, the better your choice will be. To help you choose a trustworthy moving company, here are some important questions to ask your Moving Company. It will empower you to assess the depth of the moving company. Accordingly, you can make your choice depending on the authenticity and satisfaction of their answers. 

What is the mover's reputation and credentials?

Before selecting a moving company, be sure that they are legit. Along with authentic customer reviews, ask them for additional proof of their past best service. American Moving & Storage Association [AMSA] and Better Business Bureau [BBB] can help you to have deep insights into their credibility and is proof of reliability and professionalism. However, any authorized cross-country mover should have a USDOT number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Are they licensed & insured?

Check their website for license and proof of their insurance. If not, ask them to provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance for you. It shows their legitimacy and helps you from rogue, spamming shell companies. Also, check their USDOT number on FMCSA’s website. It ensures a safe and legal move.

What is their experience?

Ask for their experience. A new company may have issues with their paper and legal document trail. Ask and know more. A moving company can only be in business for some years if they are lawful and good. Be sure of this and proceed. A flawless track record demonstrates reliability and the ability to deliver items on schedule and in good condition.

Can the mover provide binding upper limit estimation?

If you can get an estimate that they genuinely oblige to, it will help you to plan your budget. Ask them for a binding not-to-exceed estimate. Be sure that they stick to it for the weight of the goods you plan to move.

Is there anything about your relocation that will cost extra?

This inquiry is about the moving costs associated with your specific relocation. It's important to remember the following facts:

  • Long-distance and interstate transfers are priced based on the weight of the package.
  • Local movements are normally invoiced on an hourly basis per worker.
  • International movements are often charged based on the amount of the package.

Knowing these specifics before speaking with your moving professional can also assist you to ask questions regarding extra policies linked to these various sorts of transfers.

Get clarity on the services that are additionally charged. Are crew labor charges covered in the bill? Does the crew charge more for the out of state move? What are the additional requirements and charges for international moving? 

Get clear answers for all bill related questions and bifurcation.

6. Are their crew professional and trained?

Find out whether the moving company has White Collar Moving Crew. White-collar crew – Professional, trained and experts of moving. If their crew is professional and trained, then you can happily choose them over others to handle your boxes full of fragile and valuable items.

7. Any additional training provided?

Depending on the location, verify whether the crew is further trained. Moving to Florida, Miami is not equal to moving to North Carolina. Additional training refers to the location expertise and better handling of particular goods. 

8. How can the moving crew prevent the damages to the area?

It is important to have a detailed picture of the moving process before starting itself. Accordingly, it is important to find out the measures the company implements to prevent the damages of the goods at the destination. Find out their packing - unpacking and storage protocols.

9. Do you train your moving crew on how to pack and handle products safely?

Examine how your belongings will be handled and guarded during the relocation. The mover should inform you about the packing materials they use, the measures they take throughout the relocation and the scope of their insurance plans. Every corporate employee should undergo the same advanced training, so it doesn't matter which team members are allocated to your transfer.

10. When can they complete the moving to the destination?

Get a clear timeline of the start and end of the moving process. Ask them for the deadline, and sticking to that deadline is important. Have a clear picture of the whole process. Clarity empowers you to complete the moving process smoothly.

11. Explain the claims process of lost or damaged goods?

Along with the insurance policy availability, ask and know about the claims procedure as well. Damages are part and parcel of the moving process. So getting an idea of the claims procedure is definitely important. 

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