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The Complete Day-By-Day Moving Checklist for Long-Distance Moves

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  • The Complete Day-By-Day Moving Checklist for Long-Distance Moves

Relocating is always fascinating, but until you can truly take your new home, there are a few things to take care of that are essential for a happy new beginning.

Our long-distance moving checklist will assist you in prepping for your long-distance move. The list will give you a useful sequence of events of moving tips to guide you to get organized before your moving day. Long-distance moving can be nerve-wracking, and our primary objective is to offer as much information as possible to alleviate some of the stress. Have a look and start planning your move hassle-free.

The Useful To-Do List

The helpful moving checklist a month before your move is available here:

  • Once your moving date has been validated, consult the moving company of your preference and book in advance. You can always alter your moving date and time for free.
  • Start buying packing materials if you are stocking.
  • Begin organizing your garage, closets, and other important items. Do not pack things you no longer need.
    You can give your unwanted stuff to charity.
  • Start inquiring with the local school about transferring records.
  • Pick up a change of address card from your nearest post office, or change your address online.
  • Start informing all vendors like Internet, electricity, oil/gas, and other utility providers about your address shift.

One to Two Weeks Before the Move

  • Put together a "survival kit" and important paperwork you'll need for the final move out.
  • Tag all boxes as you bundle them if you're self-packing. Label the top and sides of the box with the location of each room to help you keep organized.
  • Begin scheduling your utility disconnects. If you have a landline, don't turn it off until after you've moved out. Make arrangements for any outstanding credits, as well as for contacts at your new residence.

On Moving Week

  • Send in your change of address forms via mail.
  • Start Cleaning your home yourself, or you can hire a professional cleaning crew.
    Finish all the packings and ensure that all items are packed, sealed and ready to go.
  • Make arrangements for your children and pets to leave the house on packing day.
  • Book transport services to your new home.

If you have any queries or doubts about your relocation or our moving checklist, please contact us.

The Day Before Your Move

  • Check your inbox for the International Van Lines pre-move email. Additionally, ensure that you have bought additional insurance coverage.
  • Ensure that all delicate items have been removed from wardrobes and saved.
  • Review the list of items that cannot be moved and make arrangements to ship them.
  • Do clear and defrost the refrigerator.
  •  Obtain enough cash. If you need to order a pizza or dinner in your new place, the money will come in handy.
  • Double-check the moving checklist before saying goodbye to your neighbors!

On Moving Day

  • Make an update for the movers. Remove any objects, snow, or ice from your driveway.
  • Pack your luggage with everything you'll need for the next few days in case you don't need to unpack.
  • Ensure you're home when the movers arrive so you can walk them through the house and tell them what needs to be done.
  • After you've loaded all of your belongings onto the truck, go through your house one last time to check that everything is closed, including all windows and doors and nothing is left to vacate.

We understand how hectic moving can be. We hope our moving checklist is useful. If you have any issues while packing, feel free to contact us.